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It started, oddly enough, with the sun shining in our eyes. This gave us an idea. ‘If people could wear sunglasses, why couldn’t buildings too?’. From that thought arose Newindow Films, and for over 19 years we have has been improving the quality of life for British Columbians through the application of architectural window film and glass enhancement products.

Why Choose Us
A lot could be said about why you should choose to use Newindow Films for your next project. We could go on and on about our latest BIG WIN; on our expert and outstanding service, or our high quality standards; on how committed we are to listening to our customers, or how wonderful our products and suppliers are. But ultimately we think you should choose us because we simply try harder to win your window film business and satisfy you as a customer.

We know we're not the only window film company in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, so that's why we can't be complacent - we have to try harder.

So come on, let us greatly improve the glass that surrounds you.

Our Partners
Newindow Films is Western Canada's Authorized Dealer of Madico, Sunscape Select, Hüper Optik and Llumar film products. We are also Dealers of 3M Fasara Designer Films, 3M Digital Graphic Films, Avery, Lumisty, Mistlass, Lintec, Wincos and Sangetsu products.

Newindow Films is a member of the IWFA - the International Window Film Association.