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Blending Artistry with Performance

Part of a whole

When it comes to custom graphics, our design approach always considers the architecture, the people, and the glass application. We’re focused on integrating with the structural and aesthetic demands of the project while also optimizing natural light for the occupants working in the space.

Helping achieve the Vision

Newindow Films routinely helps archiects and interior designers to achieve their architectural vision by complementing their design and enhancing the experience of the people who work / learn / play within it. We offer outstanding results that blend artistry with performance and innovation; all while considering the health of the occupants—and the planet—by promoting environmentally friendly products.

Every space is unique, no detail is too small

Our custom graphic window film can integrate with virtually any glass type. The goal is always to complement what’s going on in the space—never overpower it.


Glass is our canvas and film is our paint. CLICK HERE to review our product sample page.