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Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Films

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Hüper Optik provides patented window film technology to ensure energy efficient solutions for your windows that will reduce fading, protect your interiors, increase security and allow for the best aesthetic view inside and out. Hüper Optik Smart Window Films provide an environmentally winning solution for clear visibility while leaving lasting comfort.

Energy Efficient Nano-Technology Window Films

When it comes to making the best of your commercial space, look to Hüper Optik nanotechnology window films to deliver the utmost in commercial and aesthetic appeal.

Windows are an essential aspect of today's architecture; they bring warmth and life into any interior by illuminating with natural light and providing a clear view to the outside world. Unfortunately, they also let in unwelcome heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet rays. Air-conditioning bills increase due to the excessive heat load. Most metallic or dyed window films employ conventional technologies and do not provide optimal solar control. They cut out light, turning the interior dull and gloomy, and are internally reflective, making them difficult to see through.

Hüper Optik heralds a new era, revolutionizing the market with its advanced nanotechnology window films. These films complement today's growing demands for large architectural glass structures with their excellent solar control performance, high clarity and low reflectivity. These superb heat rejection properties also play a vital role in conserving energy in buildings. Calculations have shown that a significant reduction in utility costs can be achieved, giving you quick returns on your investment and savings year after year.

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