Frosted Window Film

Enhance appearance,
privacy & light control
with frosted & specialty film.
  • Cost-effective solution
    for added privacy.
  • Helps control
  • High-quality, long-lasting products.
  • Creates stunning visual effects on interior glass.

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Frosted and specialty films allow you to transform your space with unique design finishes.

Personalize your home or office.

Frosted and specialty window film provides you with a cost-effective solution for adding beauty and privacy to the glass in your home or office. Our selection of specialty and frosted films can simulate any effect—from the beautiful effect of etched glass to classical and contemporary patterns for enriching the aesthetic quality of interior settings—at a fraction of the cost of cut glass.

Create your own custom effects.

Our talented team of designers can help you create stunning visual effects on the interior glass surfaces around your home or office. By working closely with you throughout the design process, we can ensure that your frosted and specialty window films are specifically designed to complement the space. All of our custom frosted window films can be integrated with virtually any type of glass.

Made from 3M Fasara products.

3M Fasara is a family of polyester, decorative films for glass surfaces that transform an interior’s ambiance with finishes that have depth, subtly, modernity, energy, precision, and more. Created in collaboration with leading designers from across the globe, the new trend-setting collection will give you even more ways to create stunning visual effects on interior glass surfaces.

Add privacy and light control.

All of our frosted and specialty film products can be customized to provide you with as little or as much privacy as needed and are a great option for optimizing the amount the natural lighting available for the occupants working in the space.

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Newindow Films x  3M ™ Fasara

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Newindow Films x Madico

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Recent Project

Frosted & Specialty Film Project

Restaurant – Vancouver, BC

Project Scope

Client inquiry to create a restaurant ambience like no other. Our in-house designers worked closely to create this unique space for restaurant.

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