Security Window Film

Increase the strength
of building windows with safety
and security window film.
  • 4mm to 15 mm
    thickness options.
  • Protection
    from graffiti.
  • Strength against impact, blasts, and earthquakes.
  • Added security from vandalism and theft.

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Security window film provides peace
of mind that your business and family
are safe.

Engineered to protect people
and property.

We carry a wide selection of safety and security window films that are specifically designed to provide extra protection for buildings where glass breakage is common, including homes, commercial buildings, retail stores, and government buildings. Our security window films offer 24/7 protection for holding glass together when facing a variety of different hazardous situations.

Protection against vandalism.

Graffiti-free security window films are designed to protect windows from costly graffiti, etching, and high-traffic wear by acting as a sacrificial barrier that can be easily removed after an act of vandalism has occurred. The film can then be replaced with a new layer that will be installed for a fraction of the cost of having to replace the entire window.

Blast protection for high-security facilities and industrial plants.

Although it may seem unlikely that windows shatter due to an explosion and unimportant to safeguard against such an improbable scenario compared to other potential issues, a single square foot of glass can produce up to 200 deadly, razor-sharp fragments when propelled by a blast. All safety and security window film systems are engineered and tested to meet both stringent federal and state mandated standards, providing better protection against powerful blasts.

Customizable options available.

All safety and security window films are available in a range of different thicknesses (4mil -15mil), depending on the level of protection needed. These films are also available in a selection of different tints, including clear for businesses that want to avoid the aesthetic that tends to be common with most window films or shaded for added solar protection.

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Clear Safety and Security Film

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Anti-Graffiti Film

  • Anti-Graffiti Film Brochure (coming soon)

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One Degree Organic – Entire Abbotsford Factory

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Supply & Install Clear & Mirror Safety Film for Food Safety Purposes in the event of glass shattering.

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